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Fette Gewinne in Momus Reach

Verfasst: Fr 17. Jun 2016, 07:15
von Cpt.Grato

3. CG Handel
  • System: Momus Reach
  • Station: Tartarus Point (Coriolis Station, Large pads available, 414 Ls from main star)
  • Objective: Deliver Conductive Fabrics
  • 23rd June 3302 @ 15:00 UTC

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Greetings, Commanders, and welcome to this week’s community goals blog. If you’re looking for a goal, the breakdown below should help:

The Dangerous Games Trade Challenge

Tartarus Point, Momus Reach system – Earn Dangerous Games points for your favourite Wildcard group by delivering conductive fabrics to Tartarus Point in the Momus Reach system.


Dangerous Games Trade Challenge

With the second stage of the Dangerous Games Wildcard competition complete, the third and final stage can now begin.

This phase of the competition will focus on trade, with pilots being asked to gather as many conductive fabrics as possible for their chosen faction. The group with the most conductive fabrics at the end of the week-long event will be declared the winner.

At the close of the Wildcard competition, the faction that has garnered the most support over the course of the campaign will enter the Dangerous Games and compete for the right to be recognised as an official power.

With the end of the competition looming, each faction is eager to secure as much support as possible, and is doing all it can to attract pilots to its cause.

The event begins on the 16th of June 3302 and will run for one week.
→ Dangerous Games: Wildcard Goals
→ Community Goals Update

Progress: Fr 17. Jun 2016, 03:59
  1. EGP 419.827/462
  2. UGC 199.970/194
  3. AAC 125.515/173
  4. WoJ 79.654/182
  5. BS 75.191/202

Re: Fette Gewinne in Momus Reach

Verfasst: So 19. Jun 2016, 15:20
von Cpt.Grato

Progress: So 19. Jun 2016, 13:42
  1. EG Pilots 3713413 / 1146
  2. UGC 1786415 / 536
  3. AA 1382430 / 604
  4. Wolves 890950 / 505
  5. bbs 857894 /572/

Re: Fette Gewinne in Momus Reach

Verfasst: Di 21. Jun 2016, 00:01
von Cpt.Grato

Progress: Mo 20. Jun 2016, 17:53
  1. Platz EG Pilots 5.099.058 to
  2. Platz UGC 2.408.159 to
  3. Platz Adel's Armada Coalition 1.879.790 to
  4. Platz Black Birds Squadron 1.203.695 to
  5. Platz Wolves of Jonai 1.148.498 to