Powerplay Update 1.3.04 Incoming

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Powerplay Update 1.3.04 Incoming

Beitrag von Cpt.Grato » Di 16. Jun 2015, 11:33

Hi everyone,

Powerplay update 1.3.04 is incoming at around 11:30am (BST).

Client change log:
- Fixed hard lock caused by galaxy map search
- Fixed memory leak in drone component after an authority transfer
- Fixed AI crash between two ships
- Fixed Mac crash in stellar forge
- Fixed drone crash caused by asteroid ID uncertainty
- Fixed low skilled ships appearing in RES points and conflict zones
- Various stellar forge server optimisations
- Fixed off by 1 error when displaying which systems will be prepared
- Mac: Updated GL Sampler and Texture checks to be more explicit
- Added overhead field to power overview page
- Fixed some network spew when connecting to server
- Various text fixes

Server change log:
- Fixed no fines or bounties being imposed for crimes committed in Pranav Antal’s control systems
- Fixed rank benefits for increased bounty and bond values
- Various exploration data reliability improvements


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